About Chatbook
A Gupshup Corner that is more appropriate for Pakistani Chat Rooms like a MixChatRoom | Chatbook is a Social Media Networking Platform for Pakistani People.

Pakistan's First TOP Social Media Platform.

“Chatbook” is the advanced way of communication that to commute with many people at a time in the single go to mix with others is the most prominent quality of it.

Either you need to commute locally or globally mixup chat will facilitate you all. No matter what you want to get from it either you use it for the entertainment or learning purpose surely this will give you all with the additional purposes.

Hence, to enhance & share knowledge in any respect will be fruitful for you without any fear with it.

We know about the importance of your respect in case of any abuse from anyone you are fully authoritative. Here we will defend you while banning that candidate according to the rules. Everyone has to be in through rules & regulations. Each and any member of this enchanting and special room has to follow the policy subjected by admin.

Anyone who neglects the principles and mistreats the other members will be simply kicked off and banned.

Thus your respect and safety is our priority!

Have fun with the huge group all over the World and share your experience in the most effective and protective way. Through this mixup channel, you may share the poetry or movies easily. Make friends online and enjoy in a productive way! Enhance your vision and shine your hidden capabilities while having open exposure.

Do not you think it’s one of the magically raised platforms regardless of race and wealth? With it, you not only be the forerunner of the latest liking or disliking but will improve your thoughts and styles. However, you learn to be together through coordination will be FRUITFUL very much.  Even for the toughest tasks, you get the easy solutions in the odd hours. Just the need is to be good to everyone. Enjoy your chats and relax!

No doubt to stay away from the tensions & depressions mixup chat is the REMARKABLE deal. Well, you may join it simply without any registration like Yahoo chat rooms. To have quality fun is hassle free now! Currently, it defines the latest shape to communication using a lot that most of the people are running their Chat rooms. Today everyone loves to be smart in his approach in the more stylish way with great comfort. So here it makes available everything that you wish while gathering the HUGE COMMUNITY all over the World.

Strong coordination globally!

If you are the businessman then it will be the EXCEPTIONAL OFFER for you. As you know for marketing the social media is the most powerful tool to rule over the universe. While sitting in the tiny room you may exchange your ideas with the gigantic audience and even with the first-class businessmen. No one should miss the chance to have such BIG benefits for the trade.

Do gossip as much as you want, listens to the song even as much as you want in our mixupchat rooms. No restrictions no registration just need the good conduct. Regardless of dialect and race you may lighten up and refresh yourself from hectic routine. Wow, the good source of soothing!

Give importance to yourself and your emotions never ever ignore yourself and put it to the negative side of the life. Just chill in the way you want and refresh enough to be active and productive again.

Our mission is to move you away from worries and let you give the new vision of life with importance and liveliness.

For the regional friendship zone, we also provide you the chat room. Besides if you are willing to have the companionship from different origins we will facilitate you all. So far as your personalization or privacy is concerned be confident about it. If you have any lack of respect or danger of impoliteness from the group member simply mention to admin he/she will work out and provide you the REAL SOLUTION.

Despite our Pakistani chat rooms are running well with great safety. All your personal pieces of information are as safe as in your room or in your heart. We serve you with the place where you can chat with others even with the stranger to know each other. Enlarged friendship zone!

Either the people of the same city make the group or of many cities -all are fully SAFE.  While to have the ongoing voice & live video chat options welcome you warmly. For the variety of people, there are numbers of live online chat rooms.

Best of all they are with no registration. You like everyone may access it through the internet. Despite the fact, many citizens do not value the other’s individuality and spam the others.

For your ease Pakistanis, chat rooms are there to lead the way of accessibility or availability through the network. Why not use these free chat rooms?!

Moreover, to be friendlier we offer you the Desi Chat Rooms. Live with your cultural identity is highly pleasant and entertaining. Pakistani chat room is not only for the sub continental Indians or Pakistanis while anyone from everywhere may take the benefits of our FREE CHAT ROOM.

Whether you are the common men or of elite class all will be treated equally. Our friendship sector is ahead for the next level to promise you the QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT being the ONE in friendship & relationship building.

We work beyond the boundaries as the free online live Indian chatting room or Pakistani Chatting room or live room online.

Bye-bye, to sign up & registration options! Straightforwardly join Chatroom in Pakistan or free chatting sites & chill.

If you are the teenagers you may use all 4 masti chatting corner.  Fulfill your desires of liveliness in the company of boys or girls! Make friends through our Best gupshup corner. Our purpose is to bring you closer to each other with this channel. No need to worry about strangeness our team is here to support you in all ODD situations within the policy.

How to avail or recognize it?

  • May do it through iPad or iPod online chat
  • Awami chat
  • Hihellobye
  • Iphone chat
  • Chat room etc.

Again to chat through any language is fully okay. If you want to have English or Urdu chatting rooms, no problem at all. Even Hindi chatting rooms along with other several languages free online rooms are waiting for your click.

So, whole World or multilingual buddies may avail this free chatting opportunity to have fun globally.

In short mixup, chat is versatile to ease the closeness beyond your imaginations with great rules and friendly usage.

By means of all the way, chatting is more entertaining and peaceful.

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to join
  • Safe and sound
  • Free of cost
  • Increase the global cooperation
  • Ample chances to grow with productive fellows and much more.